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Marketing Outsourcing

A way to achieve effective marketing within an organization without the time and expense of hiring in-house specialists. When the focus is on business development and sales, there's often no time for other support functions (e.g., marketing support for sales, lead generation, social media management). Often, marketing functions are spread across other departments or assigned to a single marketer who becomes overwhelmed with routine tasks. One solution is to outsource part of the marketing to contractors - external marketing agencies.

Both strategic and operational marketing functions can be outsourced to us as an external marketing partner with specialized knowledge, tools and professional staff to provide a complete set of marketing services. And because we are responsible for the effectiveness of the program, SellPromo reports regularly on the results of the activities performed.

Saving time

Saving money

Easy scaling of activities

Access to expert knowledge

What we do in outsourcing:

Social Media Management

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok
  • Content planning
  • Targeting and strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Creating creative
  • Managing groups
  • Gamification
  • Efficiency evaluation

Search promotion and SEO

  • SEO Strategy
  • Website Audit
  • Website Keywords
  • Content Optimization
  • Technical Optimization
  • Usability Analysis
  • Semantic Core
  • Conversion Optimization
  • SEO for E-Commerce

Targeted advertising

  • Bing, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram
  • Programmatic
  • Search Keywords
  • Lead Generation
  • Remarketing/Retargeting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Targeting and Segmentation
  • Set up and management

Email Activities

  • Email Strategy
  • Email segmentation
  • Database selection and management
  • Cold email outreach
  • Campaign nurturing
  • Triggered mailings
  • Personalization
  • Setup and management

Copywriting services

  • Content strategy
  • Brochures
  • Infographics
  • E-books and datasheets
  • Blogs and articles
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales playbooks
  • Storytelling
  • Social media content

Graphic and Web Design

  • Graphic elements
  • Media Advertising
  • Graphic Images
  • Icons
  • Web pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Presentations
  • Responsive Design
  • UX and UI

Partial or complete outsourcing of marketing functions to a single contractor provides a single point of accountability. For the client, besides the organizational aspects (how to prepare and execute everything properly), the question of effectiveness remains important (how to be sure that the results are objective). Modern analytical and automation tools allow very precise tracking of results. Accurate monitoring ensures clear accountability. Simply put, your external marketing partner is accountable for results.

Reasons why companies outsource some or all of their marketing:

Lack of an in-house marketer

Need for activities (e.g. content marketing) that are cheaper and of higher quality when done by an agency than when done in-house

Need to delegate routine and repetitive tasks (e.g., targeting or campaign setup) so that the in-house marketing department can focus on more strategic tasks

Need for expertise and in-depth knowledge that in-house marketers lack

Need to quickly test hypotheses, new tools, or new opportunities

Do you need a marketing services contractor?

If you need a contractor or are dissatisfied with the results, work or terms of cooperation with your current contractor, write to us - we will prepare a commercial proposal or conduct an audit for you. Compare the cost of services, evaluate the forecast and choose a partner with the best conditions.

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  • Value Proposition
  • Packaging
  • Adjustments
  • Interaction
  • Reporting
Value Proposition

This is the introductory phase where we learn everything we need to know about your business. We use this information to create your value proposition.

The value proposition is not a single product or service; it represents your brand, your company, your market position.

Your value proposition becomes the core document that clearly outlines what you offer, to whom you offer it, and how you should offer it. It lays the foundation for what comes next.


Our experts create materials that make your offering look good and appeal to your target audience.

Depending on the activity, this can include websites, landing pages, keywords, content, articles, creative and promotional images.

If outsourcing tasks are limited to creating materials and creatives, selecting keywords, etc., then this is the final stage.


Our specialists program and automate the interaction channels. They set goals and target audiences.

Depending on the activity, this may include social networks, advertising accounts, orchestration tools if multiple channels are used, automation tools, analytics and statistics tools.

If outsourcing is limited to setting up campaigns and automation tools, this is the final stage.


This is the stage where your business is introduced to the world.

Direct management of campaigns and activities (contextual advertising, social networks, media advertising, mailings, content publishing, etc.), analysis and adjustments.


Final collection of statistics, analysis of effectiveness and summary.

Check if my company needs marketing outsourcing or if it's better to create our own marketing department

Key points to consider

Marketing outsourcing does not compete with an in-house marketing department

In fact, marketing outsourcing can actually strengthen your marketing team. On the one hand, you can delegate routine and monotonous functions to contractors, freeing up valuable employees for more important and strategic activities. On the other hand, by working with an agency, you gain access to new experience, knowledge and skills, especially when it comes to activities you have not done before.

A lifeline for small businesses

Marketing outsourcing is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses looking to promote and develop their business. It is significantly less expensive than hiring a single marketing manager.

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