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An account-based campaign with direct mail elements.
Campaign objective:

Organize meetings with decision makers in target companies, identify and explore in detail issues related to virtualization and remote workforce management.


IT, VMware virtualization solution.

  • Accounts research
  • Content marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct Mail


The client is known for its aggressive sales approach, which has alienated some current customers and made it difficult to attract new ones. SellPromo was tasked with exploring opportunities to collaborate with target companies, identifying current IT infrastructure issues and needs (with a focus on virtualization), and setting up meetings with potential clients' IT directors. The key requirement for the interactions was to create a loyal perception of the client among decision makers. In addition, the client wanted to reconnect with dormant and lost customers.


Since the client provided a list of target companies to work with, it was decided to conduct activities within an account-based framework. This involved studying the context and needs of each company and creating personalized interactions. Gamification was used as a tool to build loyalty during the initial communication - a teaser that involved overcoming easily surmountable challenges (including creating pleasant emotions during the process) with a personal reward at the end.


In the preparatory phase, an in-depth study of the IT needs of the target companies was carried out. This included reviewing their RFPs, job postings, press releases and news, market rumors, and interviews with key personnel. For each company, IT policy makers and key decision makers were identified. Based on this research, a generalized matrix of issues and expectations was created for all target companies. Based on this matrix, engaging copy, personalized emails, a landing page, and call scripts with decision makers were created to set up potential meetings.
A Lego set was chosen as the gamification element, and a small, engaging quest to find instructions on the landing page was artificially created as a challenge.
The active part of the campaign consisted of sending disassembled Lego sets along with personalized emails to decision makers and key employees of the target companies. After the recipient visited the landing page, they were contacted by a telemarketer who used a personalized and non-salesy script to clarify details and direct them to the possibility of arranging a meeting.


There was a very positive response from decision makers to the campaign, with high loyalty to the telemarketing interactions. 56% of the targeted businesses agreed to meet with the client's representatives. In addition, 19% of them provided technical specifications during the initial call and were ready to begin negotiations to purchase VMware solutions (A and B leads according to BANT methodology). 46% of all decision makers were qualified as having high potential for future interactions, identifying opportunities and needs for future sales and implementations of other IT solutions not related to virtualization. The results of the campaign were highly praised by the client, and over the course of five years, more than 40 similar activities were conducted (covering more than 2000 target companies) in all regions of the company's presence.

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