Aruba / Network as a Service

Promote the new market service Network as a Service
Campaign objective:

Attract prospects, automate engagement, and nurture leads.


IT, network as a service, HPE Aruba and Sophos equipment

  • Content Marketing
  • Targeted advertising
  • Email marketing


The company launched a new managed service, Network as a Service, based on Aruba equipment. The market potential is huge and several pilots have been completed. The challenge was to create a marketing campaign to attract customers.


Potential customers may not understand the long-term benefits of the solution and may prefer to purchase equipment. Different industries have different challenges, and the vendor's marketing materials do not always effectively address these needs. In addition, there are no materials to help sales departments convince key decision makers such as IT specialists, management and finance departments. The solution was to segment the audience in detail, create a set of personalized content for each segment, and write case studies and how-to materials for each target industry. The initial engagement of the target audience would be done through targeted advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook, and would be done through automated delivery of personalized content. Criteria for passing a lead to sales for further work included
  • Download of specific content during the campaign (for each segment)
  • Response to CTA (e.g. consultation, cost savings calculation, remote radio scheduling based on office plans, etc.)


Together with the client's sales department, target industries were identified to focus on: startups, hotels, coworking spaces, business centers, and retail. Decision makers in each industry who could potentially be involved in negotiations and influence decisions were identified, and lists of needs and pain points for each segment were compiled. As a result, 28 segments were identified (based on position, professional pain points, and industry).
For each segment, a separate set of personalized content was created: email copy, sets of marketing materials for distribution (such as fact sheets, brochures, and infographics), guides that took into account the needs and pain points of each segment. Over 150 new, unique materials were created.
A dedicated page was created on the company's website with multiple lead magnets for each segment. Social networks, Facebook and LinkedIn, were the primary sources of targeted traffic to the landing page. Ad delivery algorithms were programmed based on segment and user behavior. In addition to the targeting settings, trigger messages were used in the ads that only the target audience would understand, allowing for the filtering of non-target traffic. Once interest was identified, the communication transitioned to personalized email newsletters with materials designed to address potential objections. More than 200 unique email sequences were created to respond to different user behavior models.


The campaign ran for 6 months. The paid acquisition lasted 3 months. During this time, more than 440 leads were received, 7 deals were closed, and more than 30 deals were in the pipeline.
As a result of these activities, the client received the FY23 Partner Award in the "Best MSP Partner of the Year" category.

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