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Integrated lead generation campaign to promote the Wi-Fi 6 standard to medium and large enterprises.
Campaign objective:

Generate interest in Wi-Fi 6 capabilities among medium and large enterprise IT directors, driving demand and lead generation.


Cisco Catalyst networking gear with Wi-Fi 6 support.

  • Integrated B2B (inbound and outbound) approach including
  • Content marketing
  • Gamification
  • Storytelling Targeted advertising (social media, telegram, programmatic)
  • Email marketing


With the launch of networking equipment supporting the Wi-Fi 6 standard, the client's sales department faced a problem. Existing and potential customers did not understand the benefits of upgrading to new equipment and technologies when their current systems met their needs. In addition, the client needed to meet sales targets for networking equipment and access points within a compressed timeframe to achieve a new partner status.


Given the volume of tasks and tight deadlines, it was decided to combine two activities: demand generation and sales stimulation. The interaction mechanism chosen was classic - attracting users to a special landing page through trigger ads and trigger messages/emails. To actively and quickly engage potential and existing customers, gamification (a light-hearted quiz with valuable prizes) and storytelling (a series of "pushy" stories about the adventures of an IT director solving seemingly unsolvable problems) were made key elements of the campaign.


As part of the developed concept, a value matrix (industry - real existing problem - consequences of the problem - solution method) was created during the preparatory phase, which became the central focus of the entire campaign. The entire target audience, including existing, former and inactive customers, was segmented according to the value matrix. In addition, several adventure stories of a fictional IT director were written based on the matrix, and creative and landing pages were created. Triggered email campaigns were also programmed, with triggers based on user behavior on the site (for unknown users), past purchase data, and the nature of past relationships based on the customer's CRM records (for current, inactive, and past customers). Since gamification was a key element, a special quiz with fun networking questions was created. A valuable prize was raffled off among all quiz participants.
New audience acquisition was achieved through targeted advertising on social networks, specialized IT channels on Telegram, and banners through programmatic advertising. In addition to the targeting options in the social media advertising accounts, the ad creatives themselves served as filters for the desired audience and targeting, built around one of the problems. Engagement with the client's current and former customers was achieved through email campaigns with educational content and case studies.
The BANT methodology was used to qualify leads. Qualification was done by analyzing lead behavior and engagement, followed by follow-up calls from the client's sales team.


The active phase of the campaign lasted 2 months, during which 366 leads were generated, of which 78 were qualified as MQL and SQL and handed over to the sales department for further processing. The remaining leads were handed over to the client's marketing department for further nurturing. Within three months of the campaign launch, 6 deals were closed (2 with existing customers, 4 with new customers) and 18 deals were in contract negotiation. As a result of the campaign, the client achieved a new partner status.

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