vCloudPoint / Zero Client

Lead Generation in a Competitive Market
Campaign objective:

Attract prospects, automate lead engagement and nurture.


IT, Zero Clients, Virtualization

  • Content marketing
  • Targeted advertising
  • Email marketing


The client is a regional partner of vCloudPoint, a provider of zero client solutions. The task was to test different approaches to find and convert prospects in a highly competitive market. A demonstration booth was set up to showcase the capabilities of the solution.


There is a perception in the market that zero client virtualization is complex and expensive. Competing solutions dominate the market and there is a traditional approach to organizing workstations and deploying PCs. In this scenario, two successive tasks need to be addressed: informing the target audience about the alternative solution and its advantages, which are not offered by the competitors (in addition to price, these include a number of technical features), and then convincing them to agree to a pilot project. The situation is further complicated by the fact that three languages are equally spoken in the region. In such conditions, the most optimal approach is to use content marketing and chains of personalized interactions (based on industries and job positions). Lead engagement was automated after manual optimization of all processes and removal of unnecessary steps and actions.


Working with the client's sales department, we identified target industries, created an Ideal Customer Profile (ISP) and non-linear Customer Journey Maps (CMJ), hypothesized pain points and triggers, segmented the target audience, and developed engaging content. Unique content and landing pages were created for each interaction scenario with the segments. Engagement took place in two phases.
The first stage involved broad reach through targeted advertising with trigger-based ad creatives for specific segments. During this phase, companies (along with key personnel) were identified as having an interest in or recognized need for virtualization and zero clients. Based on the information gathered, a list of similar companies was created (based on parameters such as industry, organizational structure, business processes, revenue).
The second stage involved targeted interaction with the companies and key decision makers identified in the first stage. Interaction took place through retargeting social media ads and engaging, trigger-based (based on previous actions) email campaigns.


The active phase of the campaign lasted 4 months, during which time over 130 qualified marketing leads were generated, 11 deals were closed, and over 20 deals were in the process of being closed. After the campaign was completed, the process of nurturing leads through trigger-based email campaigns based on user behavior on landing pages was automated and synchronized with the client's CRM system. This helped reduce the workload of the sales department by automating routine tasks in the early stages of the sales funnel. In addition, an optimal strategy for promoting the solution in the market to different types of target customers was identified and formalized.

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