Extreme Networks

Promote the MeshConnex technology solution to large enterprises in a new market
Campaign objective:

Urgent customer acquisition for those who need to cover large areas with wireless connectivity (industrial centers, industrial zones, manufacturing sites)


IT, Extreme Networks Wi-Fi solution based on MeshConnex technology

  • Content Marketing
  • Targeted advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Gamification


The client needed to quickly identify several customers for pilot projects and successful case studies among large industrial companies with their own geographically dispersed extraction and production points. The company was relatively unknown in the regional market, although the manufacturer had many similar cases in other regions.


The client opted not to use account-based marketing, so given the limited 6-week campaign timeframe, it was decided to target potential customers with an acute need for wireless Internet connectivity at one of their remote sites. This involved using omnichannel engagement with trigger messages in the creative. The main focus was on the client's case studies, highlighting the problems typical of the new market, and a practical (non-promotional) webinar with technical analysis and a demonstration of a specific case.


During the preparatory phase, a value matrix was created in collaboration with the client, taking into account the typical problems and pain points of all the decision-makers at the site (often regional companies or separate divisions), rather than at the head office. Based on this matrix, the client's materials (success stories, technical descriptions, case studies) were adapted or completely redesigned, and advertising creative was created. In addition, several general articles about the client's solution were written for trade media. The main advertising channels chosen were social networks (broad reach targeting, retargeting and lookalike audiences), specialized Telegram channels and cold email campaigns to existing databases of IT directors and key IT staff.
Once the campaign was launched, a gamification element was used to drive initial engagement - a fun quiz about wireless networking with valuable prizes.
This approach quickly identified high-demand user groups among a broad audience without over-segmentation: mid-level IT management of large holding companies, as well as IT directors of regional companies and separate divisions with their own pilot project budgets (without the need for RFPs).


During the campaign, one holding company closed a deal for a pilot at four of its sites. In addition, 8 MQL leads were generated from industrial companies. As a result of targeting a broad audience, leads were also generated from non-industrial sectors such as banking, logistics, and retail - over 20 MQL and SQL leads that the client also engaged. Over the next two years, SellPromo ran several similar campaigns for the client, though not as intensively.

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