HPE Aruba / Wi-Fi 6

Create a working framework for generating customer leads as part of developing a new specialization
Campaign objective:

Identified the ideal channels, mechanisms and tactics to attract key customers to the company's new specialization - wireless network building


IT, HPE Aruba equipment and Aruba Central software

  • Content marketing
  • Targeted advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Programmatic


The client was struggling to attract customers for its wireless network building services. The company was associated in the marketplace as a large systems integrator specializing in computing, data storage systems, data center construction and cloud infrastructure. SellPromo was tasked with identifying the most effective customer acquisition channels, developing the company's positioning during the acquisition process, creating a sales kit for the sales department, and maximizing the automation of the lead generation process when engaging through digital channels.


To accomplish this task, an integrated approach was chosen. Based on an in-depth study of the target audience and current customers, a profile of the ideal buyer (ICP) and buyer persona, paths to purchase, decision paths, problems, triggers, etc. were to be created. Based on the collected data, product descriptions, value propositions, marketing and sales funnels according to the scheme: awareness (content marketing) - lead identification (cold outreach) - lead nurturing (email marketing, SMM, retargeting) - qualification and handover to sales. To test hypotheses and optimize processes and mechanisms, it was proposed to launch a lead generation campaign for HPE Aruba products.


During the preparatory phase, research was conducted on the target audience and current key accounts by interviewing the client's sales managers, analyzing comments on past deals in the CRM, conducting customer interviews with several customers, conducting industry research, studying the requirements in job postings of potential customers for positions related to networking, and reviewing RFPs related to the acquisition and implementation of networking solutions. This laid the foundation for positioning and methods of promotion and engagement.
Based on this information, hypotheses on trigger problem formulations and value matrices were proposed. All the hypotheses, formulations, triggers, mechanisms and interaction algorithms, creative templates and texts were tested in the lead generation campaign for HPE Aruba's wireless solutions: a landing page was created with value propositions and content that provided continuous interaction with users. Multiple digital campaigns were launched on different platforms, targeting different audience segments to quickly attract the right users to test the necessary actions and behaviors.
An effective content strategy was implemented to position the client as an expert in building wireless networks in large and geographically dispersed enterprises, as well as to educate and engage technical specialists (complex case descriptions, educational webinars, technical notes).
User interaction was automated through email distribution based on previous actions and behavior on the site. This accelerated the process and eliminated the need for sales managers to communicate with prospects in the early stages of the sales funnel.
Regular monitoring and adjustments based on real-time data enabled rapid formalization of all key engagement and conversion processes.


All key data, step-by-step algorithms and other basic information were recorded in manuals for sales managers - the Sales Kit. A strategy and step-by-step plan for positioning the new service was formulated. Effective wording, approaches, and templates for communicating with decision makers and influencers were identified, and the most optimal channels of interaction were determined. Automated the process of nurturing leads and communicating with leads via email and social media messages. The client's CRM system became a full-fledged marketing tool.
While testing the processes in the lead generation campaign for HPE, more than 100 qualified marketing leads were identified, which were converted into 18 deals over several months.
Subsequently, more than 20 successful lead generation campaigns for solutions of other vendors (Dell, NetApp, IBM, Cisco, Huawei, etc.) were conducted on the basis of the created framework.

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